Long time no blog!

Wow. Sporadic blogger strikes again!

A lot has happened since January. For starters we moved houses, again, that’s twice in 10 months. And it seems we didn’t have to move.

But we did. As much as I miss the old house and loathe the new, we had to move. We had to see the difference and experience first hand to know what we really want and to go for it, because we’re now in a fortunate position where we know there’s a better way to live.

Had we not moved, we would have done what we’ve always done. Nest and settled in, just happy to be together, living each moment and not planning for the future.

The Universe lit a fire up our behinds in the last few months that’s for sure.

And we are better for it. The wheels are turning and we’re making up for lost time, while being completely supported in all ways possible.

Like seriously you guys. The Universe has had my back, front and sides covered throughout the whole process of finding a house, getting the house, moving house, the house, dealing with the new house, down to the 7 houses looking into my back yard, to the problems with dogs barking at 6:30am throughout the day.

Everything I want fixed is getting fixed and things are happening for a reason.

Even now while I’ve got the flu, I know this is time given to me to slow down and absorb. Something I don’t do when I’m well because I’m constantly multitasking on all levels.

It’s also a chance for my beloved to look after me. I’m usually very independent and particular about how I want things done that I don’t let him do anything. Now that I’m sick I don’t have the energy to dig my heels in lol so it’s been good to let go and be looked after.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is…
Have faith in the Universe and know everything happens for a reason. Good or bad there is something to be gained from that experience.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Those down under, stay warm!!! It’s meant to be a doozy this weekend!

❀ Arly

❀ Arly


You know you’re totally supported when….

The Universe gives you a nudge when there’s a deal on! Yeah!

I’m like Papa from the movie 100 foot journey “Just because I ask for a discount doesn’t mean I’m poor. It means I’m thrifty.”

I seriously love that quote. Not that I ask for discounts, I just want to spend my money wisely.

I’ve spent the last couple of days going through my supply purchases and itemising everything and calculating how much per bead, per gram, per everything on everything. Seriously taking efficiency to the next level πŸ˜‰

I’ve also been comparing my invoices to my suppliers current prices and some of them have gone wayy up. Something that was previously $6 per strand is now $11, a lot have doubled, some tripled.

Turquoise chips are now $11 for a 50g bag. O.o Guess who’s looking for a new turquoise supplier?!

This makes it hard to have fixed prices on my stuff. Right now I’m selling Orgonite domes, pyramids, pendants, phone buttons and gemstone bracelets. Earrings will be coming out soon, candles and organic body oils/butter is on development mode ~ in fact I have my first batch of Certified Organic oils and butters coming, I hope, next week. Thus the need to calculate everything right down to the grams and mils.

2015 is Our year to spread our wings and soar, as we were always meant to. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s going to be a busy year and now is the time to set the tone, organise myself, put new things in place, andΒ  really solidify the vision I have in my head for the year I desire.

Things happen for a reason. I know I say this all the time, but seriously, I can’t say that enough. It’s one of those hardcore Faith things. If you believe you Believe!

In my case I’ve spent money I thought at the time I shouldn’t be spending, but just found out, by spending that cash I saved quite a bit and I’m set up to work work work for the next few months without needing to re order again.

There’s a plan. We don’t always know it, though be honest, sometimes you have a clue. But if you go with the flow and trust your instincts, you’ll see the plan somewhere down the track, coming together.