Mother’s Day Aftermath

I don’t give myself many pats on the back but I will indulge myself right now.

The Mother’s Day set idea came to me back in March and it has taken a little over a month to put it together.

From problems with printers, to missing deliveries and the recent weather here in Sydney it felt like a test to my dedication and determination.

But I won and I couldn’t be happier about the end result and finishing orders just in time for Mother’s Day.


My boxed tealights were well received which made me extremely happy.


I wanted people to feel the love I put in it. It was a new adventure putting the set together from concept, design, production, packaging – it’s unlike any project I’ve done before and super satisfying.

I’m taking a little production breather at the moment. It’s been a while since my last blog and I’m brimming with mind chatter I want to share. It’s been a rollercoaster month so far!


My empathness and clairs

Hey guys! Sorry for the slight hiatus. I’ve had my daughter around these last couple of  weeks and I’ve been trying to balance everything, which has been pretty crazy considering everything…

Since she’s been here I’ve been off the toothpaste. No commercial toothpaste for me. I figured it was good for her to see other people divert away from mainstream ideas and it was also great to have another human tester.  🙂  (more on this on another blog.)

I don’t know what happened but my other clairs have kicked in to gear. My hearing one was doing funny things before the new year where I was hearing beautiful cosmic symphonies; lately I’ve been seeing things at the corner of my eye and then have someone tell me what they just experienced. My empathness is stronger, though I didn’t realise this until a few days ago, thanks to my daughter.

I spend so much time alone that I have gotten to the point where I really know myself, which makes it easy to know what’s not mine. Feels like that empath section has opened up and my clear knowing has a companion. It always did, but now it’s like.. Heyy! Welcome to the party!

So now that daughter dearest is back home and back on my lonesome, I’m back to work. Atleast for a week, then I’m on holidays for a week.

I love my life. I truly do.

I’ll be knuckling down and getting as much work as I can done before I leave. First on the list today, finish off some pendants, then body care.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

So. I’ve come to a conclusion..

It has to be a mind, body, spirit thing.

Let me explain..
There’s been a lot of wooha over vaccines lately and I never noticed how big the divide is until now.

It totally sickens me how we have chosen to disregard other people’s choices because they don’t reflect ours.

At this point it doesn’t really matter who’s right or wrong. We’ve lost something here.

One thing that isn’t being considered is that we are on our individual journeys and purpose. Shit just happens to us for a reason, and from those we grow, or not. Point is, the choices are there and we sure as hell aren’t entitled to make someone else’s decision for them, especially if they are quite capable of making their own. I’m not saying we have to like their choices, but the choice has been made for a reason. No matter if it’s good or bad, it has impact for people, mostly opportunity for growth.

For me it’s becoming apparent that a mind, body, spirit approach is best.

To choose not to immunise is a massive decision. Not only are you going against the grain making you a pariah in your community, this is also something that requires a lifestyle change. Which is where the mind, body, spirit approach comes into play.

From observation and experience I know our minds are powerful things. We can create anything we want from it. Including illnesses. I have someone in my family who focuses on all their ailments, and guess what? They’re always sick. I’m not saying there’s no validity in their claims, but your state of mind plays a part in the whole of you, don’t disregard it’s power.

Our body has a voice, it speaks to us, we just have to pay attention. Sometimes we only hear it when it’s screaming at us, at that point there’s so much more to fix.

Treat it with respect. Food will need to be re thought in my house. We went through almost a year of being fishatarians (vegetables and fish only), it wasn’t so bad, but we eventually switched back to our normal unhealthy western diet. Over the last year my main focus has been my water quality and intake, and blessing my food. Always. I figured when in doubt, Bless and Thank. Even when you’re not in doubt, do it anyway.

That was my health care system last year and tell ya what? My self healing capabilities have been tested and passed with flying colours.

Last year hubby passed the flu along to a few people including myself. His health regime is different from mine, although I’ve developed a system for myself, he has exercised his choice to go about things differently.

In that time of infection 4 of them were sick for a week, on antibiotics. I was sick for 3 days, no antibiotics and very minimal cough syrup, if any panadol at all. However, I upped my water intake and slept a lot, as my body demanded.

This sort of scenario happened a few times where hubby’s sick and I’m not. If I was I’d be sick for half the time with no meds. It’s been so good that I didn’t realise my Medicare card was expired for almost a year!

Spirit for me plays a big part in all this since I’m mostly guided by intuition. It’s from there that I make changes and create a new way of living.

In the deepest part of me I know natural clean living is the best thing for me. I feel it so keenly that I’m committed to following it through. This includes vaccination. I know my child will not benefit from it, nor will it need it as long as I keep it at optimal mind, body, spirit alignment.

The only way, I feel, I can fully secure my child and other children, is to take on this comprehensive approach. And from experience I’ve noticed, at least for me, that when Mind and Spirit are strong, Body isn’t too far behind.

I believe if we all did this.. Be more mindful of our self talk, paid attention to our food, listened to what our gut tells us. It’d be a totally different, healthier world.