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Slowly but surely

Mentally I’m so excited I’m doing little jumps in the inside. Physically I’m exhausted – no way can I really do a jump right now let along type this blog out and that’s with predictive text on.

My body is telling me to slow down and stop being like a computer with multiple tasks running actively and in the background.

Which is good because I notice that I’m taking longer doing things. ‘Slow’ enables me to absorb the moment, focus fully on my task without much mind chatter.

Not that its going to stop me from ticking a few things off my TO DO list. Its just gonna take longer and I won’t accomplish as much. So I’ll be taking the quality vs quantity approach.

May is always my busy time of the year. Its right up there with Christmas. It also happened to be a very creative time for me too – pics to come on another post.

Now its time to start putting the research & tests together.

Coming soon!!!


I’ve always wanted an orgonite charm bracelet!!

Strength wise,Β  with a few smaller pieces combined in the bracelet, it should provide great coverage.

And I’m Back!

I don’t know what foolishness overcame me last year when I decided to abandon my blog and trade it down for my own site, still running wordpress.

What a lesson!! Just because I can doesn’t mean I should! Something to remember and keep in the back of my mind, next time I get a case of ‘I can do it myself!’. is just the easier, more convenient and better option, for busy people, like myself, trying to blog & get their business up and running. A major decision factor was, most of my favourite blogs have addresses. Really… What was I thinking!?

I have set up my servers to redirect to & toΒ Back to my original idea and I’m sticking to it until someone puts their hand up and says ‘I’ll do all the website stuff for you!’.

Until then I wash my hands of websites.. Like I said.. Just cos I knew how to do it, didn’t mean I had to do it.

So what have I been up to in the last few months? I’m going to let the pictures do the talking πŸ™‚