Slowly but surely

Mentally I’m so excited I’m doing little jumps in the inside. Physically I’m exhausted – no way can I really do a jump right now let along type this blog out and that’s with predictive text on.

My body is telling me to slow down and stop being like a computer with multiple tasks running actively and in the background.

Which is good because I notice that I’m taking longer doing things. ‘Slow’ enables me to absorb the moment, focus fully on my task without much mind chatter.

Not that its going to stop me from ticking a few things off my TO DO list. Its just gonna take longer and I won’t accomplish as much. So I’ll be taking the quality vs quantity approach.

May is always my busy time of the year. Its right up there with Christmas. It also happened to be a very creative time for me too – pics to come on another post.

Now its time to start putting the research & tests together.

Coming soon!!!


I’ve always wanted an orgonite charm bracelet!!

Strength wise,  with a few smaller pieces combined in the bracelet, it should provide great coverage.


Patience is a virtue

Or so they keep telling me.

Making orgonites is definitely a test of patience and faith, not just for me but also my customers I suppose

Almost two weeks ago I recoated five pieces, all of which needed another coat upon demolding (not sure if that’s a word, but you get my drift). Out of that third round of recoats one was a win, the rest are going back in for a fourth time.

Every time a piece needs a recoat, the mold will need to cleaned out, sometimes it could take a day or two before I can get all the resin off the molds.

This orgonite thing is seriously laborious (with love – of course)

One thing I have noticed is so far, after all the frustration, chipped nails, sore fingers.. I haven’t thrown a single piece in utter despair… (Total miracle!)

I think four coats is the most I’ve done and I’m wondering why a piece in particular is problematic.

I thought with recoats one & two – they were perfectly timed to soak up the energies from the solar eclipse. I put the down to the Universe at work. But with recoat three, and three pieces needing more work…. Wtf..

It’s time to send a prayer out to the powers that be. If by the fourth coat the problem piece is still a no go, I’m starting over. If the piece is not right, in this case I’m sensing resistance, it’s not good enough.

Let’s see how we go.

Rant over. Back to work!

2014 Designs

2014 has been everything I expected and more.

With the new year upon us, I wanted to share my new orgonite designs. 🙂

I’ve had the mold for a while but only got around to experimenting with it. I hope you like it!


Test pieces