Mother’s Day 2015

I received my first Mother’s Day order weeks ago. Talk about prepared! I was ashamed because I really haven’t had anything special planned for Mother’s Day and that’s about when the vision for this set materialised.

I thought about what I wanted..

Lovely blingy mosaic candle that would sparkle as the fire burned a lovely soothing scent.

Tealights of every flavour I could think of boxed, with a menu, like a box of chocolates.

And now that I have all these candles I’d like bath salts to go with that. And why not one with Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Bicarbonate Soda infused with Certified Organic Argan oil (for luxe) and Lavender (for relax) essential oil. I also want Organic Lavender.. Or maybe Rose Petals.. And absolutely gotta throw a couple of crystals that have been sitting on an orgonite charging plate since the Eclipse in there.

And that right there is my set!

Taa Daa!

Still waiting for my petals though.. It’s been 2 weeks.. Still very optimistic!

In the meantime production continues. I have a ton of tealights to make. Blessed be!

Ohh btw… Still in love with my Sharpies. I’ve been so busy being crazy candle lady today that I haven’t had time to decorate more glasses but here’s yesterday’s glass.

Purple and Green

It’s so cool how the colour is reflected on the surface like that. If it wasn’t so late I’d start on a glass right now!

At the moment I’m still researching how I can make this truly permanent. My friend Bec mentioned that she’s tried something like this before and the marker started coming off. 😦 I’m gonna have to figure this out.

That’s it for me you beautiful people. Good night!


So. I’ve come to a conclusion..

It has to be a mind, body, spirit thing.

Let me explain..
There’s been a lot of wooha over vaccines lately and I never noticed how big the divide is until now.

It totally sickens me how we have chosen to disregard other people’s choices because they don’t reflect ours.

At this point it doesn’t really matter who’s right or wrong. We’ve lost something here.

One thing that isn’t being considered is that we are on our individual journeys and purpose. Shit just happens to us for a reason, and from those we grow, or not. Point is, the choices are there and we sure as hell aren’t entitled to make someone else’s decision for them, especially if they are quite capable of making their own. I’m not saying we have to like their choices, but the choice has been made for a reason. No matter if it’s good or bad, it has impact for people, mostly opportunity for growth.

For me it’s becoming apparent that a mind, body, spirit approach is best.

To choose not to immunise is a massive decision. Not only are you going against the grain making you a pariah in your community, this is also something that requires a lifestyle change. Which is where the mind, body, spirit approach comes into play.

From observation and experience I know our minds are powerful things. We can create anything we want from it. Including illnesses. I have someone in my family who focuses on all their ailments, and guess what? They’re always sick. I’m not saying there’s no validity in their claims, but your state of mind plays a part in the whole of you, don’t disregard it’s power.

Our body has a voice, it speaks to us, we just have to pay attention. Sometimes we only hear it when it’s screaming at us, at that point there’s so much more to fix.

Treat it with respect. Food will need to be re thought in my house. We went through almost a year of being fishatarians (vegetables and fish only), it wasn’t so bad, but we eventually switched back to our normal unhealthy western diet. Over the last year my main focus has been my water quality and intake, and blessing my food. Always. I figured when in doubt, Bless and Thank. Even when you’re not in doubt, do it anyway.

That was my health care system last year and tell ya what? My self healing capabilities have been tested and passed with flying colours.

Last year hubby passed the flu along to a few people including myself. His health regime is different from mine, although I’ve developed a system for myself, he has exercised his choice to go about things differently.

In that time of infection 4 of them were sick for a week, on antibiotics. I was sick for 3 days, no antibiotics and very minimal cough syrup, if any panadol at all. However, I upped my water intake and slept a lot, as my body demanded.

This sort of scenario happened a few times where hubby’s sick and I’m not. If I was I’d be sick for half the time with no meds. It’s been so good that I didn’t realise my Medicare card was expired for almost a year!

Spirit for me plays a big part in all this since I’m mostly guided by intuition. It’s from there that I make changes and create a new way of living.

In the deepest part of me I know natural clean living is the best thing for me. I feel it so keenly that I’m committed to following it through. This includes vaccination. I know my child will not benefit from it, nor will it need it as long as I keep it at optimal mind, body, spirit alignment.

The only way, I feel, I can fully secure my child and other children, is to take on this comprehensive approach. And from experience I’ve noticed, at least for me, that when Mind and Spirit are strong, Body isn’t too far behind.

I believe if we all did this.. Be more mindful of our self talk, paid attention to our food, listened to what our gut tells us. It’d be a totally different, healthier world.

Inspired by LUSH

As I sit here waiting for my supplies to arrive I reflect on my journey thus far.

I’m sure many of you are feeling the 2015 energies, driving us to live authentically, speak up for what we believe in, stand strong in our convictions, and be all we can be.

I know I am!

Since I began my Christmas break a few weeks ago, I’ve been exploring my abilities, really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, venturing in places previously overlooked.

Out of need, I ended up looking into Spa Candles or Body Oil Candles to soothe my skin from insect bites.

Not only does Australia have the most dangerous spiders in the world, we also have  persistent mosquitos, I’m not even going into the flies. O.o

Two of the companies that have influenced me in this is Body Shop and LUSH.

At the beginning of the week, I received my first LUSH products (pretty late on the bandwagon, I know lol). I received a book with my order. As far as product books go, they kicked ass. I loved everything about it.

The paper, which looks recycled; the information they included, which gave me a feel of the company, who they are what they stand for. And they are really pulling out all stops. I am so impressed with the way they conduct business.

One thing Body Shop and LUSH have in common that really inspires me is their campaign work with numerous organizations.

I like companies that give a shit. So many don’t and when we find some that are trying to give back to the worldwide community, they truly deserve recognition.

Between the two my vote for most inspiring company goes to LUSH. They’re just so comprehensive in their dedication to their causes, and you see it from how they deal with the public down to their products and packaging.

Not being a bystander, I’ll be implementing changes in my company structure to accomodate recycled, organic, natural, wildcrafted materials and ingredients. I’m also in the process of tracing the roots of all my supplies and re-evaluating supplies and suppliers.

With all that said. I have looked into eco resin, and the cost of 1 drum is 3x more than what I am currently paying for. To make the switch would mean passing the extra cost on to my customers. I’m estimating an additional $10-30 on each piece, depending on what it is.

Would you pay extra if you knew it was eco resin I was using? Especially if a full size pyramid is already $100+ AUD?

This is a dilema I’ve been trying not to focus on.

At the moment I am recycling packing materials, from boxes, bubble wrap to void fill that I get from my suppliers. But I am still using bleached white paper, and boxes that are not recycled, I’m sure.

This isn’t going to be an overnight change, but more a transition over a period of time, but I am committed to the change.

Thanks LUSH for setting a wonderful example 💖