Inspired by LUSH

As I sit here waiting for my supplies to arrive I reflect on my journey thus far.

I’m sure many of you are feeling the 2015 energies, driving us to live authentically, speak up for what we believe in, stand strong in our convictions, and be all we can be.

I know I am!

Since I began my Christmas break a few weeks ago, I’ve been exploring my abilities, really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, venturing in places previously overlooked.

Out of need, I ended up looking into Spa Candles or Body Oil Candles to soothe my skin from insect bites.

Not only does Australia have the most dangerous spiders in the world, we also have  persistent mosquitos, I’m not even going into the flies. O.o

Two of the companies that have influenced me in this is Body Shop and LUSH.

At the beginning of the week, I received my first LUSH products (pretty late on the bandwagon, I know lol). I received a book with my order. As far as product books go, they kicked ass. I loved everything about it.

The paper, which looks recycled; the information they included, which gave me a feel of the company, who they are what they stand for. And they are really pulling out all stops. I am so impressed with the way they conduct business.

One thing Body Shop and LUSH have in common that really inspires me is their campaign work with numerous organizations.

I like companies that give a shit. So many don’t and when we find some that are trying to give back to the worldwide community, they truly deserve recognition.

Between the two my vote for most inspiring company goes to LUSH. They’re just so comprehensive in their dedication to their causes, and you see it from how they deal with the public down to their products and packaging.

Not being a bystander, I’ll be implementing changes in my company structure to accomodate recycled, organic, natural, wildcrafted materials and ingredients. I’m also in the process of tracing the roots of all my supplies and re-evaluating supplies and suppliers.

With all that said. I have looked into eco resin, and the cost of 1 drum is 3x more than what I am currently paying for. To make the switch would mean passing the extra cost on to my customers. I’m estimating an additional $10-30 on each piece, depending on what it is.

Would you pay extra if you knew it was eco resin I was using? Especially if a full size pyramid is already $100+ AUD?

This is a dilema I’ve been trying not to focus on.

At the moment I am recycling packing materials, from boxes, bubble wrap to void fill that I get from my suppliers. But I am still using bleached white paper, and boxes that are not recycled, I’m sure.

This isn’t going to be an overnight change, but more a transition over a period of time, but I am committed to the change.

Thanks LUSH for setting a wonderful example 💖


Consumer Conscience Part 2

So here I am still trying to rationalise my beauty choices. After all in the grand scheme of things beauty truly is within, so I shoudnt be focusing so much on it. But for some reason now I have to pay attention.

Like make up for example.. Up til a few months ago, I knew nothing of make up, and I had a Thin Lizzy compact, eye shadow and eye liners. I gotta give it to those girls immaculately made up. Make up is an art form, one I previously looked down on. But hey girl. Respect! Then I got gifted a Nude by Nature set, and learned about them a bit and thought hey. Natural stuff. Cool.

Then the Body Shop deluxe box came into my life, which has really spun me in a twist. I loove, love my body butter, but I’m not 100% about them. And what am I not 100% about? Ingredients? Ethics? The last thing I wanna do is feel guilty as I’m lathering up. I’d give myself cancer doing that.

On the other hand. If i shun it and throw it away, I have just wasted so much. The money that was spent. The effort that was made not just by hubby when he went to get it, but everyone involved in getting this product in my hands. All the trees, resources that was plundered to make this. And I hate hateee, hate waste.

If I can get it second hand or recycled ~ I will. It’s been a while since I bought new clothes at the shops. I saw something I liked for $30 and thought whooaa, want a kidney with that? Clothes are usually between $5 and $10 at op shops.!

Like seriously. I have a headache battling with myself and it’s a tough battle because I’m so aware of my foot prints on Gaia. I count everything I have and do.

My solution is to make my own. It’s not easy. I’ve been searching for suppliers. Certified Organic, Ethically responsible companies to supply my soap and candle supplies. There are a few out there but there’s so much research to do and organic stuff are so expensive, and depending where you are, pretty hard to get.

The vision I have for my candles and bath & body is to go natural and organic. This will eventually have to flow over to my orgonites, which is going to be very difficult.

Until then. I suppose the best thing for me to do is just be grateful for everything.

Consumer Conscience

I’m totally loving my products at the moment. I’ve only just gotten into make up, and my sister in law gave me a Nude by Nature box for my birthday and some Body Shop stuff, which according to apparently is 100% owned by L’oreal, which is 23% owned by Nestle. Although The Body Shop has a lot of praise, the fact that it’s owned by L’Oreal, who doesn’t have a sterling record is just one of those things that makes me go hmmmm.

Aussie based is a community based, non profit organisation/network that helps us shop ethically. The website is great. I’m quite new to it and have found it really enlightening. I’m owning my consumer power! And I love the idea of my money going to companies that are ethically responsible.

Imagine my relief when I saw Nude By Nature was given a tick of approval. I have their skin care range and it’s been working wonders on my scarred, combination skin. I’m loving Nude by Nature right now.

The other day I was contemplating getting my daughter some NbyN skin care products, I asked her what she thought and told me she liked LUSH, I looked them up (this is how I found, and I gotta give it to my girl, she’s got great taste.

LUSH is quite simply, lush! 100% vegetarian, hand made, cruelty free accredited, best eco product 2013, palm oil supply chain ~ green rating. And then there’s their products! I’m totally in! Can’t wait to try them out! I can imagine my dream bathroom having a Nude by Nature and LUSH display case.

So Christmas rolled around (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!) I open one of my presents from hubby and there lay the most amazing box (I’m a box girl, I like packaging I can re-use). It was from The Body Shop…

So here’s me conflicted. Totally ooogling this box.

Inside it..


I’m 34 years old and I have never been into products. It’s only just recently that I’ve really taken an interest. Maybe because I’m older and I feel the need to do some sort of maintenance now. Who knows. But products have been in my face lately and I’m a believer in signs.

What the hell do I do now? I was already hmmmming over The Body Shop and now here in front of me is the most glorious box of body care products I’ve ever seen, and God knows my hands could use some loving. I don’t always use gloves when I work with resin and often have to wash my hands in acetone 😦

So I dug in. I have several reasons.

1. I couldn’t let the resources that went into this go to waste

2. or any of the sacrifices made, be for nothing.

3. The Universe has been pushing products for months now. Why?

4. Honestly. My body needs better looking after. It’s like it’s saying. Hey you! All this etheric energy you’re using to self heal can be redirected to other things if you can just physically make an effort.

So I approached it like I would as if I’m blessing my water. With thankfulness for it’s journey and all involved, and gratitude for the blessings it gives me.

I have been buttering myself up for 2 days.

Body Butter. If you haven’t tried it, try it.

I had calluses and rough spots on my feet I had long accepted as part of me and the product of me still not getting my driver’s license. The operative word there is Had. Body butter has smoothed them out. I’m stunned. I just wanna buy a bucket full and lather Mum’s feet. She’s a non driver like me, and have been a walker much longer than I so you can only imagine.

I super love my body butter and I have 3 flavours to choose from!

I found buttering myself up to be quite grounding and centering. I also began thinking about honouring my vessel. Perhaps I should stop referring to it as a meat suit.

Then guess what? This morning I’m examining my make up labels wishing I had NbyN stuff on my shelf instead. This afternoon I open my present from my Grans and its a Nude by Nature gift box.


This is why they call life a journey. I feel like Forrest Gump with that box of chocolates.