My empathness and clairs

Hey guys! Sorry for the slight hiatus. I’ve had my daughter around these last couple of  weeks and I’ve been trying to balance everything, which has been pretty crazy considering everything…

Since she’s been here I’ve been off the toothpaste. No commercial toothpaste for me. I figured it was good for her to see other people divert away from mainstream ideas and it was also great to have another human tester.  🙂  (more on this on another blog.)

I don’t know what happened but my other clairs have kicked in to gear. My hearing one was doing funny things before the new year where I was hearing beautiful cosmic symphonies; lately I’ve been seeing things at the corner of my eye and then have someone tell me what they just experienced. My empathness is stronger, though I didn’t realise this until a few days ago, thanks to my daughter.

I spend so much time alone that I have gotten to the point where I really know myself, which makes it easy to know what’s not mine. Feels like that empath section has opened up and my clear knowing has a companion. It always did, but now it’s like.. Heyy! Welcome to the party!

So now that daughter dearest is back home and back on my lonesome, I’m back to work. Atleast for a week, then I’m on holidays for a week.

I love my life. I truly do.

I’ll be knuckling down and getting as much work as I can done before I leave. First on the list today, finish off some pendants, then body care.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!



I remember all the times I’ve experienced major shifts in my life… in 2010 when I came back from the USA after living there for 3 months.. in 2012 when I began studying crystals, Dec 21st 2012 during the global meditation… 2013 Currumbin, Queensland.

It was the first time my family and I had gone on holidays together. Mum, Dad, my Brother, Sister in Law, her parents and my 3 nephews. We stayed in a house, on top of the hill, looking out into the ocean. Our itinerary – to visit every single theme park in Queensland.

The good life
The view from our balcony. Ahhh the good life.

My state of being then wasn’t the best. Hubby and I weren’t doing too good and thought maybe they’re right? Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

I was also overloading on information. Researching and reading through books, getting led to so many things that I became very ungrounded, my chakras everywhere. I went to a friend for a reading before I left and she said to stick my feet in the beach and as the waves came in to say… Bring in the good.. and as it withdrew.. Take away the bad.. She said this will help me.

Sure enough. That was the first thing I did when we got there and she was right. (You’re a genius Jacqui!)

Bring in the good... Take away the bad...
Bring in the good… Take away the bad… with my personal orgonite ofcourse!

Now… I’m not saying it was a perfect holiday, an empath in a theme park is not exactly a match made in heaven. But I will say everything happened the way they were supposed to. You know… like how shit things happen but later on they turn out to be a blessing but it didn’t seem like it at the time? It was one of those times.

Being there… on the beach… every day… Receiving healing from Gaia, basking in the beauty of creation, spending time with my nephews picking up sea shells, jumping in the waves, looking out and almost seeing Atlantis in the distant horizon, watching the clouds, marveling at nature.

Being torn about going to Sea World (you know.. animals in captivity and all that), seeing the dolphins…..

This gorgeous creature spotted me straight away and followed me around the enclosure.
This gorgeous creature spotted me straight away and followed me around the enclosure.

… and then meeting one…

I didn’t want to go back to suburbia. At Currumbin I felt whole, cleansed and healed. I felt my burdens lift as soon as my toes hit the sand. There’s nothing quite like nature therapy but my life is back home.

So I did the next best thing. On the last day I went to the beach with a plastic bag, filled it up with sand, gathered all the sea shells we collected and took them home.

They were right. Distance did make the heart grow fonder. And the waves did bring in the good and certainly took away the bad. The me that came home was not the same person who went.

In a week I had managed to gather my chakras together and line them up, open up my heart chakra despite challenges presented. I was grounded, centered, connected, committed.

A few weeks ago I caught a glimpse of Spring. I found myself longing to go to the beach and remembering the time I had there and how it made me feel. 5 hours later…….



I had poured my heart out.

When I look at this I’m transported back to that time. Feeling the peace, serenity, awakening, centered, grounded, solidly confident in my faith.

I have made a lot of pieces since I began my journey, but these are the closest to my heart. In fact I have to make more every time I sell one because of the energy it brings to my home.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


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A few weeks ago I bought the Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue as suggested by a friend. Said friend is a trusted source so I snapped them up, no questions, despite the fact that aesthetically, they didn’t appeal to me – goes to show you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. That night Beloved and I were having out usual discussion on spirituality, the current shift, what our highest joys were and I thought I’ll whack the cards out and see how I go.

Well…. These cards are amazing. I have never been an Angels sort of person, never thought about them much until recently and when I said ‘Guides’ in the past I had always meant my ET Guides, although the possibilities of Angels were always there as part of the Team but not very much thought of (Sorry guys. I see the light now though! Thank you!)

That night began the longest run of synchronicities and blessings I/we have ever had. That night was also the first time I drew the Balance card. I drew the Balance card 5 times in a row. At the time I was finishing up both websites and trying to get products made so I have things to put up on the site. I was all about work and I kinda knew it, kinda as in “Surely I cant work hard enough! I’ve barely done anything!”.. By the 3rd time, I was becoming more sure that I was spending too much time working and not doing anything else, food will come when I had finished making a piece or until Beloved came home from work. I never meditate anymore. My work keeps my vibration high, especially being around crystals and orgonites all day, but I feel meditation will help me hone my abilities instead of solely working with my intuition. I also haven’t gone for my 1.5k run in ages and I can feel my ass talking to me saying “WTF!”. As a Libran, this was massive imbalance.

And so.. I got sick.. In a big way.. It’s been over a week now and I haven’t been able to work. The only thing I can do these days work wise, that will not compromise the integrity of my pieces, is painting. I went through 9 boxes of tissues in 4 days, I haven’t slept in days without waking up in the middle of the night to cough something up. It had gotten so bad at one point that every time I coughed I got a headache. I can’t even remember the last time I had a ciggie.

Physically I’m down at the moment. Mentally, I’m still travelling my normal speed, maybe even faster. The down time has certainly helped. I know next time I pull the Balance card again I’ll be paying attention!