Rant rant ranting!!

What the heck is going on?!?!

At the risk of sounding like a paranoid conspiracy theorist.. I’m really feeling forces against me. And no I’m not self sabotaging and manifesting this in my life.

Things are just happening and it started after my first batch of Orgonite charging plates a few weeks ago.


It’s quite normal for Orgonite makers to get helicopter visits. In all honesty I’m flattered and pretty pleased with myself when I get a visit. To me this means I’m doing it right. Right enough to warrant a look see from them anyway. 😉

But it’s more than that now.

I’m losing posts and comments on Facebook on both my personal and business page. My reach has substantially dimished, I know because friends have mentioned they don’t  see my posts and even I don’t always get my business posts on my personal news feed!

Deliveries I need to move forward in a new creation has gone missing in the mail – seems twice now and the company I’m dealing with is quite unsavory.

Phone calls get cut off, as a dear friend and I experienced yesterday.

I’m even feeling the resistance in Instagram.

I’m totally feeling boxed in right now and my efforts being constricted.

But I’ll soldier on because that’s what I do. Besides if they’re closing in on me like this it can only mean one thing.

I’m close to achieving something important.

Even more reason to keep going.


Consumer Conscience Part 2

So here I am still trying to rationalise my beauty choices. After all in the grand scheme of things beauty truly is within, so I shoudnt be focusing so much on it. But for some reason now I have to pay attention.

Like make up for example.. Up til a few months ago, I knew nothing of make up, and I had a Thin Lizzy compact, eye shadow and eye liners. I gotta give it to those girls immaculately made up. Make up is an art form, one I previously looked down on. But hey girl. Respect! Then I got gifted a Nude by Nature set, and learned about them a bit and thought hey. Natural stuff. Cool.

Then the Body Shop deluxe box came into my life, which has really spun me in a twist. I loove, love my body butter, but I’m not 100% about them. And what am I not 100% about? Ingredients? Ethics? The last thing I wanna do is feel guilty as I’m lathering up. I’d give myself cancer doing that.

On the other hand. If i shun it and throw it away, I have just wasted so much. The money that was spent. The effort that was made not just by hubby when he went to get it, but everyone involved in getting this product in my hands. All the trees, resources that was plundered to make this. And I hate hateee, hate waste.

If I can get it second hand or recycled ~ I will. It’s been a while since I bought new clothes at the shops. I saw something I liked for $30 and thought whooaa, want a kidney with that? Clothes are usually between $5 and $10 at op shops.!

Like seriously. I have a headache battling with myself and it’s a tough battle because I’m so aware of my foot prints on Gaia. I count everything I have and do.

My solution is to make my own. It’s not easy. I’ve been searching for suppliers. Certified Organic, Ethically responsible companies to supply my soap and candle supplies. There are a few out there but there’s so much research to do and organic stuff are so expensive, and depending where you are, pretty hard to get.

The vision I have for my candles and bath & body is to go natural and organic. This will eventually have to flow over to my orgonites, which is going to be very difficult.

Until then. I suppose the best thing for me to do is just be grateful for everything.

Releasing from the crown chakra

I went to bed on Saturday night with a headache that made me feel like my right eyeball was pulsing. Which proceeded to pulse throughout the night, to continue on in on Sunday.

I don’t get headaches often so I went on trouble shooting mode. Made a healthy cous cous with chopped mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes, tahini & lemon juice salad for breakfast – which did nothing. Mum’s filipino chocolate rice pudding (champorado) sort of worked…

Then I started painting….

My partner asked me a while ago,  if I were to explain ascension without words what would it look like…

Well… something like this…


By the time I finished I forgot I even had a headache 😀 Gotta love that!