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Releasing from the crown chakra

I went to bed on Saturday night with a headache that made me feel like my right eyeball was pulsing. Which proceeded to pulse throughout the night, to continue on in on Sunday.

I don’t get headaches often so I went on trouble shooting mode. Made a healthy cous cous with chopped mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes, tahini & lemon juice salad for breakfast – which did nothing. Mum’s filipino chocolate rice pudding (champorado) sort of worked…

Then I started painting….

My partner asked me a while ago,  if I were to explain ascension without words what would it look like…

Well… something like this…


By the time I finished I forgot I even had a headache 😀 Gotta love that!

Nightly Downloads.


For the last few nights, at a certain time, i’ll be drawn to draw something. Lately its been a series of patterns filled with dots, lines, etc, like what you would see in crop circles.

Last night I tried something different. Having been used to the nightly downloads, the signs that came with it, like the ringing in my ears and the almost obsessive pull to find pen and paper immediately,  I closed my eyes and tried to see what my fingers were intending to draw.

I’ve never been great at real life drawings. I’m more a solid pictures/shapes sort of person. Cartoons were always a favourite but was always facing front. I just couldn’t get my head around the dimensions and proportions.

So when I drew that bottom right image, it was a massive surprise. It was like copying a picture but the picture was in my mind’s eye, like a blurry memory. The process itself was amazing. Almost like how I would imagine automatic writing would be.

This,  I’m sure, has something to do with my search for the real me.

The sensation I felt when I placed my left hand over it was one of recall and remembrance. When I look at it, it feels as if my brain is activating lost memories and knowledge.

Good days!!!