In the months I’ve been making Orgonites. I’ve come to realise that everybody’s work is different. Not better, or worse, just different.

Maybe it’s due to each person’s energy frequency, intention for the piece, or the materials used? I don’t know.

I just know that my smaller decorative pieces won’t be able to take down a cell phone tower. The intention for it is not there, the materials used doesn’t suit that specific function, the size of the piece also has a part to play as it determines the range.

Making Orgonite is like cooking. Like with cooking there is prep involved from clearing yourself, setting your intention clearly in your head, clearing your space, selecting the combination of crystals, deciding on the ratios (depends on what the Orgonite will be used for). Then there is the stirring and rest times in between layers, and so on. All the while having the intention for the piece shining within.


When placing your order please specify the following:-


What do you want to use Β the Orgonite for?

This is an important question for me as it helps me set my intention for the piece throughout the whole process. From picking out the crystals, to coiling the wire, mixing the resin, pouring the resin….. You get the drift πŸ™‚



What kind of piece do you want?

A pendant or pocket piece?Β One you can carry around with you at all times or place under your pillow?

A bedside table/meditation piece? Something you can comfortably hold in your hand and put aside without taking too much space?

A show piece? Something you can admire from a distance.


Unless you already know which crystals you’d like with which ever material. I can certainly put it together for you πŸ™‚



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