Honestly? I don’t always follow the 50/50 preferred organic to inorganic ratio.

I know the ratios involved and the materials needed to produce a strong EMF harmoniser device, but it’s not my calling.

I believe everyone who makes orgonites make it uniquely. The energy within each piece unique not only because of what materials we all use, but also how we make it (our individual rituals) and of course our own unique energy.

This, for me anyway, bonds us as a community. Our efforts combined is making a difference, the desired effect is only achieved because of our differences. The way I see it. Between all of us, we are covering a very wide range of frequencies, areas, problems, people.

I use the orgonite science and combine it with other established research, such as…

Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments, Colour Theraphy, Chakras & Mantras, Crystal properties & uses.

… And I use my own energy to fuse everything together. Like a conductor directing an orchestra to produce harmony in frequency.

Most of the time, on commission work, the majority of the programming will be assisted by the client’s guides/angels. My job then becomes, keeping myself clear of ego and out of the way for the energies to flow through me.

I will never work on an ‘off’ day. I classify that as quality control.

These are some of my Orgonite designs and devices, made over the last few years to now.

Custom orders and enquiries welcome ❤

Please check my Facebook Page or Etsy Store new stock and updates.



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