Long time no blog!

Wow. Sporadic blogger strikes again!

A lot has happened since January. For starters we moved houses, again, that’s twice in 10 months. And it seems we didn’t have to move.

But we did. As much as I miss the old house and loathe the new, we had to move. We had to see the difference and experience first hand to know what we really want and to go for it, because we’re now in a fortunate position where we know there’s a better way to live.

Had we not moved, we would have done what we’ve always done. Nest and settled in, just happy to be together, living each moment and not planning for the future.

The Universe lit a fire up our behinds in the last few months that’s for sure.

And we are better for it. The wheels are turning and we’re making up for lost time, while being completely supported in all ways possible.

Like seriously you guys. The Universe has had my back, front and sides covered throughout the whole process of finding a house, getting the house, moving house, the house, dealing with the new house, down to the 7 houses looking into my back yard, to the problems with dogs barking at 6:30am throughout the day.

Everything I want fixed is getting fixed and things are happening for a reason.

Even now while I’ve got the flu, I know this is time given to me to slow down and absorb. Something I don’t do when I’m well because I’m constantly multitasking on all levels.

It’s also a chance for my beloved to look after me. I’m usually very independent and particular about how I want things done that I don’t let him do anything. Now that I’m sick I don’t have the energy to dig my heels in lol so it’s been good to let go and be looked after.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is…
Have faith in the Universe and know everything happens for a reason. Good or bad there is something to be gained from that experience.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Those down under, stay warm!!! It’s meant to be a doozy this weekend!

❤ Arly

❤ Arly


Happy Australia Day

Today's bath salt blend ❤

I haven’t been feeling well lately, so sluggishly heavy I literally dragged myself around the house yesterday. Everything was a mission. So much so that I skipped hair day – and I rarely skip hair day. I get all out of whack when my hair’s out of whack.

So today being like a normal day for me with hubby at work and all. I decided to put that little effort in and make myself some healing bath salts to get me back on track.

You may see the array of LUSH products in my bathroom. I ❤ LUSH so much I can seriously go on and on about their awesomeness but some days like today when I need healing I go for my own products because I’m setting intentions, know I have great materials to work with that are natural if not certified organic and I’m combining research.

I opted for bath salt instead of bath bomb because I needed it now. Bath bombs are time consuming and they need time to set and I need to have a bath now to help me tackle the day.

Now about this bath salt!

Lemon and Mandarin, Epsom, Himalayan and Dead Sea Bath Salt with Sweet Almond oil and Calendula petals.

I’m targeting my skin in general and mid chakras.

Lemon (Solar Plexus) to relax, detox and disinfect.
Mandarin (Sacral) to tone skin and heal scars.
Sweet Almond oil to reduce hair loss and dandruff.
Epsom salt to boost magnesium and eliminate toxins.
Himalayan Salt to draw out toxins and for an energetic cleanse.
Dead Sea Salt for skin conditioning and more magnesium.
Calendula for dry skin, scars, antiseptic the list goes on.

Every material has a specific purpose but is not limited to the properties I listed. There’s so many benefits to each of the materials, I’m just focusing my intention on the ones I want to focus on for the healing process.

In a sense it’s very much like making orgonite and working with crystals.

Ideally and I should have remembered to, add a tumbled citrine and carnelian to the bath for the full works. 😉

Want one of your own custom blend of healing salts? Email me for a consultation  teamarly8(at)gmail.com.


Lordy! It’s December already!

2015 has been a massive year for me. Coming into it I knew it was going to be an interesting year and it has been that and more.

We finally moved up to the Blue Mountains – something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. We finally got engaged – something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time 😉 We’ve cut down junk food – helped by the fact there’s no McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks or any fast food outlet that has drive through up here. We only use natural body products – mostly LUSH and some made by myself.

It’s been a transitional year and with each step forward the less I feel the need to label myself as “Spiritual” or “Psychic”.

These days I feel I’m just me on a journey to me. Trying to sort myself out and be the best person I can be.

Yeh I can do readings, tune into you with my empathness and all that but that doesn’t make me better or more spiritual. It just means I’ve taken the time to work on those abilities.

When I look at my collection of work to date I see my journey and see how it’s all brought me back to me.

Orgonites – my foundation & constant source of energy, inspiration and upgrades.

Crystal jewellery – to support the upgrades and for healing.

Candles – to help increase the light, for prayers & to pay respect to ancestors, ascended masters etc

Paintings – another healing outlet for me. The colours, words, shapes all aimed toward healing and activation.

Bath bombs – when I realised soaking in water is great for cleansing and clearing but when essential oils and organic elements are added in, it’s the total “I love myself” moment. The time I take for myself that’s just for me to show me I care about me.

And I do care about myself. It’s taken me a while to realise I needed to do this.

There’s wisdom in making the choice to take care of you. I know that can sound weird and perhaps selfish but you know what? Who cares?

If there’s anything I learned this year is that by looking after myself and indulging in all my things, especially my baths – I feel balanced and happier. I have more reserves in my tank and I shine brighter. My relationship is better and life in general flows into blessings after blessings.

I know so many people stressing about this and that, honestly who can blame them? But I just wanna say.. Yo! Take this bath bomb and go hang out in the bath tub for at least 30 minutes.

30 minutes of you time. If you don’t have a bath tub go sit out in nature for 30. Point is immerse yourself in nature for 30 – sit on the grass, under a tree, be in water. Whatever. Take 30 minutes for yourself. Make it happen. You deserve it.

It being December and all. You will make sure to take some you time won’t you?

❤ arly