Happy Australia Day

Today's bath salt blend ❀

I haven’t been feeling well lately, so sluggishly heavy I literally dragged myself around the house yesterday. Everything was a mission. So much so that I skipped hair day – and I rarely skip hair day. I get all out of whack when my hair’s out of whack.

So today being like a normal day for me with hubby at work and all. I decided to put that little effort in and make myself some healing bath salts to get me back on track.

You may see the array of LUSH products in my bathroom. I ❀ LUSH so much I can seriously go on and on about their awesomeness but some days like today when I need healing I go for my own products because I’m setting intentions, know I have great materials to work with that are natural if not certified organic and I’m combining research.

I opted for bath salt instead of bath bomb because I needed it now. Bath bombs are time consuming and they need time to set and I need to have a bath now to help me tackle the day.

Now about this bath salt!

Lemon and Mandarin, Epsom, Himalayan and Dead Sea Bath Salt with Sweet Almond oil and Calendula petals.

I’m targeting my skin in general and mid chakras.

Lemon (Solar Plexus) to relax, detox and disinfect.
Mandarin (Sacral) to tone skin and heal scars.
Sweet Almond oil to reduce hair loss and dandruff.
Epsom salt to boost magnesium and eliminate toxins.
Himalayan Salt to draw out toxins and for an energetic cleanse.
Dead Sea Salt for skin conditioning and more magnesium.
Calendula for dry skin, scars, antiseptic the list goes on.

Every material has a specific purpose but is not limited to the properties I listed. There’s so many benefits to each of the materials, I’m just focusing my intention on the ones I want to focus on for the healing process.

In a sense it’s very much like making orgonite and working with crystals.

Ideally and I should have remembered to, add a tumbled citrine and carnelian to the bath for the full works. πŸ˜‰

Want one of your own custom blend of healing salts? Email me for a consultation  teamarly8(at)gmail.com.


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