Yeee Ha!

Team Arly is moving to Hazelbrook!

Infinite love and gratitude to everyone who sent prayers of love and support these last couple of weeks.

What we ended up with exceeded our highest expectations. Truly one of those ‘beyond our wildest dreams’ moments.

I have always seen myself making orgonites, surrounded by loads of crystals and Mother Nature on a beautiful deck with unbelievable views. I thought that dream wouldn’t happen until we built our home. I didn’t for one second think it would come this soon.

And thank heavens for that! For the first time in weeks I’m getting ideas and inspiration for work.

I’ll need to make heaps of Orgonite for our new home, our gift to the land and the owners when they come back, and of course tons of tower busters – to grid my new block.

Watch out Hazelbrook! You’re about to be gifted!

As for the Mercury Retrograde… It pays to be level headed and optimistic. This pearl of wisdom coming from recent experience.

Hang in there everyone! We have a couple more weeks to go until the retrograde is done with us.


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